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Watch the PLI video on Youtube.

The most comprehensive tool to assess cognitive abilities.

The Professional Learning Indicator® (PLI) has since its launch in 2010 positioned itself as the world’s leading accurate cognitive ability assessment system.

The PLI test system is available in 70+ languages and measures the cognitive abilities in your organization and among candidates for recruitment. This information will not just measure alertness and capability, but paired with a psychometric personality system it will provide comprehensive information for you about your individual employee’s capacity for performance.

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The results of the PLI test enable you to match your positions with your candidates and to tailor communication and training to best match the individual employee’s potential.

The PLI result should naturally be used in combination with the other assessment tools or procedures normally adhered to by your organisation ensuring that it has been considered along with other relevant information, such as personality profiles/motivational drivers, references, education, experience, values etc.

PLI should never be used as the single determining factor in an assessment of whether to hire or promote.

The culturally neutral and dynamic cognitive test system, applicable on all levels.

Have you ever been puzzled by the human being’s ability to learn? Have you ever thought about the entire process from delivery of information to the brain’s processing and operationalisation?

Watch the video about PLI here

The underlying cognitive basis for this process differs among individuals, and that is why in practice, people understand and process information differently as individuals.

How do we get started?

The Professional Learning Indicator® tool (PLI for short) is available for use through acquiring a license that suits just your company's needs and scope.

Contact the local distributor in your market (find under PLI Near You on this site) for a price quotation. Or contact us directly ( if there is no distributor in your particular market/geography.

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