The PLI Test

The PLI test system generates 50 multiple choice questions dynamically through a question selection algorithm that ensures a balanced mix of question types and difficulty levels, and a comparable difficulty level each time the questionnaire is produced. The different categories of questions are designed to address the perception and processing skills of the candidate i.e. cognitive abilities.

When the candidate logs into the system the test is displayed over 10 pages, each containing 5 questions. It is only possible to select one response per question. The PLI test is time-constrained and takes a maximum of 12 minutes. The candidate should attempt to answer as many questions as possible within this time limit.

The 50 questions are divided into different categories measuring numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. The question pool in the database is divided into groups of varying difficulty levels, and each time a PLI test is created the questions selected include equal numbers of each difficulty level.

When the candidate has completed the questionnaire their score is calculated instantly and will be available to the PLI test administrator immediately.